Tuesday, September 29, 2009

and one small kick for mama!

This picture was taken last week at 25 weeks... Egg Basket so generously sent (and agreed to allow me to post) it. Isn't she beautiful? (and I mean both shes).
Yesterday was 26 weeks..an important milestone since most docs feel this is the age of viability. I drove up to Connecticut Thursday night for our monthly doctor's appointment on Friday (and then drove back Friday night). Baby and Egg Basket are both doing great! Baby's heartbeat was 142 BPMs and Egg Basket both looks and seems to feel pretty good.
But the most exciting part of my trip came just before I left...Many of you know that Egg Basket has a 3 year old daughter. She hasn't yet figured out that anything is going on in Egg Basket's tummy and so the decision was made that if she asks, Egg Basket will tell her, but if she doesn't, then better to not try and explain. Because of this situation, I do not fondle Egg Basket's tummy in front of the 3 year old (makes sense, right?) which means the whole time I was there, I was dying to put my hands on her stomach and see if I could feel my daughter moving around, but I totally restrained myself. Then right before I was getting ready for the drive back, the 3 year old fell asleep. I asked Egg Basket if the baby was moving and of course she wasn't..she was too busy sleeping. So Egg Basket started poking her trying to get her to move for me...it wasn't really working...but I decided that as I kissed Egg Basket goodbye, I'd give a poke too...and then like the mini miracle she is, she moved! It was so amazing...I felt like she was saying hi to me! Sometimes it really is the *small* things that make your day :)
Finally...Baby Daddy and I are back to negotiating a name..I was so sure we had agreed on one, but Baby Daddy isn't loving it...I am really starting to think she is gonna be "hey you!"..sigh..any suggestions?