Monday, April 27, 2009

Waiting Sucks!

So waiting sucks...just thought I'd throw that out there...we are smack in the middle, one week post-transfer, one week pre-pee on a stick...just waiting...
Now, if you have ever had to wait for something in your life, I mean really wait, not the 10 extra minutes it takes the idiot who can't figure out your coffee in the morning, but really wait, you might know what I am talking about...The feeling of your heart always being two inches from your throat..the anticipation that runs through you when the phone rings...the smack you give yourself as you walk too far down the "what if" road...that inability to sleep because all you see are blue lines and plus signs (made more interesting since it isn't ME peeing on the stick!)...
Ya, waiting sucks!
Then there are the questions..folks, I love ya all and I (the emotional one) couldn't get through this without all of your love and support..BUT..seriously, stop asking me how Egg Basket feels! She feels "Fine"...that is it..she never had any indication on any of her other FIVE pregnancies that anything was amiss until well after the pee it is not a surprise that she feels fine now...I know it is awkward and you all are waiting along with us (Did I mention waiting sucks?), but I don't know how she feels (other than fine) and every time someone asks me, it makes me crazy! Now, if you really want to know, every time someone asks me how *she* feels, it is a little reminder that it isn't how *I* feel...probably why I am being so sensitive..I am working hard not to make her crazy with the daily 700 questions so please bare with me and help me remain sane...
So that is it..short post..just to let you all know that EB and I (and our significant others and all of you) are still waiting..and that it sucks...update next Monday with results..good or bad...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Virginia Slims anyone?

As you may know, today was the day for the frozen embryo transfer.

We arrived at SGFC at approximately 11:45. I came, as instructed, with my “moderately full” bladder, no scented lotion and perfumes and perfectly ideal uterus.
Since there is little else about me that is perfect, I am glad my uterus was able to accommodate the occasion!

The happy parents and I waited for our turn to get knocked up!
After they called us into the top secret totsicle insertion area (aka Area 51 haha) and they checked our ID’s to make sure we were the right people for the right totsicles.

We got some incredibly fashionable blue paper shoes, which “E” dubbed our “Manolo’s” … “C” eat your heart out!

Baby Mama and I were in the room and after I was situated for the transfer, the doc came in to have us sign the consent and all that.

The doc informed Baby Mama that the two thawed embryos looked very good, one was 80-85% and the other was 95%. He explained that they look for 75% or higher, so they were in a very good range. Now if you are really curious about the significance of these percentages… Google “frozen embryo morphology scale” and you, too, can become a reproductive fertility and endocrinology expert as I have this afternoon after 6 hours of bedrest!

As I promised you all, just as I was lying back and the Doc was pointing his “spotlight” on my perfect parts, I happily exclaimed “YAY! I am ready for my close-up” While the doc found me quite amusing … the attending nurse and ultrasound technicians, not so much. HAHA!

The whole process took only about 10-15 minutes and Baby Mama and I were able watch on the ultrasound monitor. I was surprised that there was very little discomfort and we were even able to see the totsicles on the monitor.

AT this point, everything looks as good as it possibly can and we now begin our two-week-wait.

Not gonna lie folks, I have definitely had more fun getting knocked up in the past, but as the three of us walked to the elevator, we did have a strange desire for a cigarette…

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pre-Transfer Update

Okay, so clearly Egg Basket outblogs I am in charge of the pre-transfer entry.

First, the logistics- Egg Basket went to the doctor on Wednesday for the real lining check and of course it was beautiful. There is a range of lining thickness within which they will do the transfer and an ideal thickness..Egg Basket is ideal! The nurse actually said perfect! She also had bloodwork done, which was perfect as well. So then on Thursday night she started injecting herself with the big, thick, stinging progesterone and oil...and of course has not complained at all. I actually watched her do this yesterday and got to squeeze the medicine in..I guess it sounds worse than it is because she never winced and it didn't even leave a mark.

That is the next piece...Egg Basket is here! Maragarita transported the goods to D.C. Friday night and then I picked her up on Saturday afternoon. We got the call from SGFC (the fertility folks) that our transfer is 12:15 on Monday. We have to be there at 11:45, Egg Basket has to have a *moderately full bladder* which we are still laughing about..I mean seriously, moderately full? not too much, not too little? Anyway, we also were told not to wear perfume or scented lotions...we can't figure out why..maybe the totsicles are already allergic? and then we were told we must have picture I.D.s or they will not do the procedure..then Egg Basket scared the heck out of me when she couldn't find hers...only lasted about 2 minutes before she located it ..but phew! I guess the docs figure it is important to identify Egg Basket and not put my totsicles in the wrong oven . Guess that makes sense :)

So that covers the for the rest..well, it is a little more than 24 hours away..I am anxious, nervous, excited, know....the regular mixed emotions. But what I know most is that we have done all we can do, and as Egg Basket pointed out, we have the ideal conditions, the rest are up to the totsicles...latch on or not. I think the next two weeks while we have to wait to see if it takes will be long...however, Egg Basket will update after the procedure tomorrow since she has to be on bed rest anyway. As for me, I am above all, happy to have the chance to try and honored to share it with my big sister.

Monday, April 6, 2009

oh, and a random thought

I have had so many strangers look at me in the last two months.
I think that from now on, when I am waiting on the doctors table, as soon as he goes to look for whatever it is he is looking for...
while I am patiently lying on my back with feet in stirrups...
The moment I cant see his head any more from behind the paper sheet..
I will shout, really loud..
"I am ready for my close up Mr. DeMille!"

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What we anticipate seldom occurs, what we least expected generally happens

I will begin this blog with a TMI warning (TOO MUCH INFO, for those who don't know!)
But this is just much funnier with all the details!

I am struggling to come up with something witty and appropriate to title this blog entry.... Usually these things come to me while I am writing ... so here goes...

As you all may know by now, I went to the doc on Wednesday for clearance to begin the estrogen and ultimately the progesterone shots.
I was instructed to take 2 weeks of birth control pills then stop, after those two weeks, on March 28th... At that time I would get this "faux" period
(HAHAHA I warned you!TMI)
It is during this time, that they do the next baby box check.

Now, once you have had 5 kids, like I have, you could really care less who looks up in there or what is happening when they do it!
For example, when I went for the first check at the fertility center, I was having my "friend" (scaling it down for you queasy folk)
Of course we did tell the doctor this, and I guess by their standards, this is the optimal time.... go figure.... for them to get the most accurate info.
SO, as I am lying there and the doc is doing his thing, poking me with "wands" and wires and stuff like that

I just blurted out:

"As a rule, I try not to bleed on people when I first meet them.... but, Hey, nothing says nice to meet you like some blood!"

He did laugh, though I am not sure he was completely down with my sense of humor.

ANYWAY fast forward to April 1st (poetic isnt it? HAHA)
Once again, I am subjecting some man, I have never met, to being bled on at our first meeting.
(I guess is it a good thing I didn't employ this tactic while dating! I would have NEVER landed a husband doing THAT! HAHAHAHA)

So I had a discussion via email with my friend about this new habit of I have of bleeding on strange men, and it goes something like this...

D: So, I have the check today, to see if I begin the shots
W: Oh that's great! SO what to they do?
D: well, I stopped the pills on Saturday and they need to check the baby box while I am bleeding.
W: wow that sucks!
D: HAHAHA yeah, sucks to be him! I don't have to be poking around some strange woman's cootch with a magic wand! Now THAT'S one sucky job!
W: HAHAHAHA 'non' shit (inside joke)

The shots arrived on Wednesday as well.
I think this is probably the only part I was nervous about.
Like the train-wreck-watching-curiosity-seeker that I am... I open it up.
and I looked.... at the needles... or should I say straws!
Not going to lie folks, I was pretty surprised at the size... I think I was mentally blocking it out.
But no denial here. Those are big needles. 1 1/2 inches long! 22G!
Thursday night I am psyching myself out... nearly hyperventilating.
I filled the syringe after reading the directions 50 times
For a half hour I was looking at the damn thing with a magnifying glass looking for air bubbles
(I had visions of dying of some errant embolism, even knowing full well that this wasn't likely with an intramuscular injection!)
I had Alex standing by with my cell phone to take a picture for posterity....
(I was going to post it on Facebook, but I thought that might be going to far, even for me HA!)

and WHAM! I took the plunge. In with the needle, squeezed and done... in 5 seconds.
no pain, no nothing.
HAHA I was being such a wuss, for nothing.

I try to laugh at these things that happen, mostly to help Baby Mama relax.
Though I must admit, I crack myself up... sometimes my mouth opens before my brain jumps in to stop it.