Thursday, November 12, 2009

32 weeks and counting (still!)

There is my baby! Egg Basket looks beautiful doesn't she?

So funny story...I took the train up to Connecticut on Monday afternoon for our doctor's appointment on Tuesday an aside- train was MUCH better than driving. Anyway, Egg Basket has to see all the doctor's in the practice - standard practice even though we don't intend for the baby to be born in CT- so each time we meet a new doctor, I always wonder if they read the file and know this is a gestational pregnancy ..I would guess this guy didn't...

First of all he was a curmudgeonly old dude..he didn't introduce himself to me..came in, listened to the baby's heartbeat (sounds great!) and asked if Egg Basket had any questions..then he confirmed that she didn't want the flu vaccine or the H1N1 vaccine. So I said that I had a question, if Egg Basket got the flu or H1N1 would there be any effect on the baby? The doctor gave me the dirtiest, meanest look and said "No, but you know she (meaning Egg Basket) could die from it"...of course, I was asking because I respect that Egg Basket's body is hers and if it is just about her, then it is totally her choice and I wouldn't say anything, but I wanted to be sure...

Anyway, he clearly thought I was an asshole and didn't care about that point I realized, he probably thinks I am her "lesbian lover"...and a callous one at that :)

Most importantly, both Egg Basket and baby are doing fine and we are getting closer...Next week Egg Basket comes here to meet with the doctor's here....we will have lots to update then :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Does the waiting NEVER end??? I am a bit behind on my blogging...besides preparing for the arrival of our little princess, I have been trying to finish my dissertation proposal...coupled with my trips up to Connecticut, busy time at work, and all the "normal" responsibilities, I just haven't had time so please forgive me, but here is an update...
First of all- how cool that our ticker is less than two months now? It says 1 month and 30 days :)
I went up to CT last week for our 30 week appointment...everything is great. Egg Basket looks good, and her tummy measured well. As she laid down for the doctor to measure her stomach size, I wasn't feeling her because I was holding Egg Basket's three year old who was I guess the baby realized I couldn't feel her and gave a nice big kick that I could see (from all the way across the small room!) That is my big tough girl!
Egg Basket says she is very active- so much for sleeping ever again once she arrives...not that I am complaining. Her heartbeat once again was in the mid 140s, which has been where she has been all along...and the doctor said she likely weight between 3-4 pounds now. It is really a bit surreal at the moment. We are now on to seeing the doctor every two weeks so I am heading back up next week for our 32 week appointment.
In terms of updates, all the legal stuff is now worked out and I am still trying to induce milk yet, but hopefully it will come. Still no name for this baby either
Right now, the hardest part is the just waiting..I feel like time has slowed down...guess most pregnant women feel that way at this point update next week :)